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Below is today’s London PM Fix for gold, and what Metallix is currently paying for karat gold. You can also use the gold calculator to estimate the potential payment for your gold items.

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3/30/2015 London PM Fix:
1195.75 USD
3/29/2015 London PM Fix:
1203.15 USD

Below is an estimated price that Metallix Direct Gold would pay for karat gold.

Metal1-200 dwt201-600 dwt601-1400 dwt
24ktCall for Pricing - 1-800-327-7938
* Metallix Direct Gold purchases karat gold by the pennyweight (dwt). 20 dwt = 1 troy ounce *

Disclaimer: The gold selling prices in the chart above are subject to change due to gold price fluctuations or at the sole discretion of Metallix Direct Gold LLC.

Gold Calculator

3/30/2015 London PM Fix is $1195.75 Per Troy Ounce

Disclaimer: The Gold Calculator only provides an estimated value of your karat gold. The actual price we will pay for your karat gold will be determined once Metallix Direct Gold receives the actual material and values it.

Check out the What We Buy page for more information and photos of the scrap gold Metallix typically purchases.

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