Scrap Silver Buyers- Prices & Calculator

Below is today’s Silver Comex Close price, and what Metallix is currently paying for various types of silver scrap. Use the scrap silver calculator to estimate the potential payment for your silver items.

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11/25/2015 Silver Comex Close:
14.032 USD
11/24/2015 Silver Comex Close:
14.106 USD

Below is an estimated price that Metallix Direct Gold would pay for scrap Silver

Metal1-50 t/o50.01-150 t/o150.01-500 t/o500.01-10000 t/o
99% +$9.12$9.82$11.23$11.93
Britannia (95.8%)$8.74$9.41$10.75$11.43
Sterling (92.5%)$8.44$9.09$10.38$11.03
Coin (90%)$8.21$8.84$10.10$10.73
* Metallix Direct Gold purchases scrap silver by the troy ounce *

Disclaimer: The silver selling prices in the chart above are subject to change due to silver price fluctuations or at the sole discretion of Metallix Direct Gold LLC.

Silver Calculator

11/25/2015 London PM Fix is $14.032 Per Troy Ounce

(Ex. 92.5)

Disclaimer: The Silver Calculator only provides an estimated value of your scrap silver. The actual price we will pay for your scrap silver will be determined once Metallix Direct Gold receives the actual material and values it.

Check out the What We Buy page for more details and photos of the types of scrap silver Metallix typically purchases.

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Silver News

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If you are interested in selling your scrap silver, check out our how-to white paper on how you can maximize your settlement. You will learn where to locate silver stampings, how to calculate your potential settlement, and how you can ensure that you are working with the best buyer.

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